When it comes to yacht delivery in the South Pacific, time is of the essence. As delivery skippers, we understand the importance of keeping the journey moving smoothly, especially when unexpected issues arise. One of the challenges we face is obtaining spare parts without causing significant delays. In this blog post, we will share some valuable sailing hints and delivery tips to help you navigate these challenges and ensure a successful yacht delivery.

1. Prepare a Comprehensive Spare Parts List

Before embarking on your yacht delivery, it is crucial to check that you have all the necessary spare parts. Take the time to create a detailed list, including part numbers, and cross-reference filters and belts, for example. By having a comprehensive inventory of spares, you can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure smooth sailing throughout your journey.

2. Avoid Mentioning “Yacht” at Car Parts Stores

If you find yourself in need of filters or other parts while on your delivery, be cautious when visiting car parts stores. When asked about the type of vehicle, avoid mentioning that it is for a yacht. Unfortunately, many car parts stores may not understand the similarities between marine and automotive engines. By avoiding the mention of “yacht,” you can save yourself from lengthy explanations and potential delays.

3. Obtain an Equipment Inventory Before Arrival

When planning a yacht delivery, it is beneficial to obtain an inventory of the yacht’s equipment before your arrival. This allows you to identify any missing items and purchase them in advance. By taking the time to ensure you have all the necessary equipment, you can minimize the risk of unexpected surprises and make your journey more efficient.

4. Be Cautious About Shipping to Ports

While it may seem convenient to have spare parts shipped directly to the ports you plan to visit during your delivery, it can also pose challenges. Weather conditions and changes in wind patterns can make it difficult to reach a specific port on time. If you are relying on a shipment, a shift in the wind could leave you stranded without the much-needed parts. Consider alternative options, such as carrying essential spares with you or arranging for delivery to a more accessible location.


Yacht delivery in the South Pacific can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to obtaining spare parts. By following these sailing hints and delivery tips, you can navigate these challenges with ease. Remember to create a comprehensive spare parts list, avoid mentioning “yacht” at car parts stores, obtain an equipment inventory before arrival, and be cautious about shipping to ports. By taking these steps, you can ensure a smooth and successful yacht delivery experience.


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