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Expert hands, seamless journeys: Deliver your motor yacht with confidence. Our seasoned captains navigate sparkling Australian shores, emerald New Zealand islands, into the South Pacific and as far as Asia with precision and experience. Meticulous planning and open communication ensure your yacht arrives safely and stress-free, ready for your next adventure.

Trust is earned, not given. We’ve mastered the power and precision of displacement trawlers, game fishing boats, and cruisers of all sizes. Years of expertise ensure your prized possession is in capable hands, meticulously prepared for its next voyage. Your yacht is unique, and so is your delivery.

We tailor our services to fit your specific needs, considering the size, type, and destination of your vessel. From high-performance speedboats to luxurious cruisers, our experienced captains handle each delivery with the utmost care and expertise. Our skippers are seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of local regulations, hidden gems, and fuel stops across the South Pacific and beyond.

power boat tied up to a cleat on a yacht delivery

Contact us today for a personalised quote for your next displacement trawler, game fishing boat or flybridge cruiser delivery to have complete peace of mind.


Don’t settle for anything less than the seamless delivery of your Nordhavn Trawler. Choose Yacht Delivery Solutions and experience the difference of precision, care, and unwavering dedication to your Nordhavn legend.


From the sleek lines of the 572 to the commanding presence of the X95, we understand the allure of Princess Yachts. Our Captains are intimately familiar with their unique performance and handling characteristics, ensuring your vessel arrives in pristine condition.


From meticulous pre-delivery inspections to expert route planning and constant communication, we handle every aspect of your Selene’s journey with meticulous care and you can rest assured, knowing your’ prized vessel is in the hands of professionals.


Don’t settle for anything less than seamless delivery for your ocean masterpiece. Choose Yacht Delivery Solutions and experience the difference of precision, care, and unwavering dedication to your Riviera legacy.

Yacht Delivery Solutions

Unleash your South Pacific adventure with Yacht Delivery Solutions! We’re not just skippers, we’re Ocean Navigators, expertly guiding power boats, displacement trawlers, and gamefishing vessels through the waters of the South Pacific. We speak the language of trade winds and hidden reefs, meticulously planning routes, navigating tight island passages, and ensuring your vessel arrives pristine and ready to chase that South Pacific dream. Relax, the Ocean Navigators are at the helm, so you can relax while we get the job done. Contact Yacht Delivery Solutions today and let your South Pacific escape begin!

selene 60 OE set to sail in newzeland

Nordhavn, Riviera, or Selene

We understand that every yacht delivery is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From planning the route to ensuring the yacht is property prepared for sea. We handle every aspect of the delivery process with commitment and precision. We are familiar with trawlers, game fishing boats or crusiers and have delivered. Riveiera, Selene, and Nordhavn. And many others such as the 25 meter Circa boat and a few FPB 64s.

Yacht Delivery Solutions takes your power boats, trawlers, and sports fishers on voyages across the Pacific, Tasman Sea, and Australian coastline. From Tasman crossings to island hops in The Pacific, we’re your expert delivery skippers and crew.

fpb 64 delivered by yacht delivery solutions
Having a delivery skipper and crew on board with over 150,000nm of experience ensures every delivery goes like a dream. Contact us for any Sunseeker, Prestige or Maritimo delivery.

Let Yacht Delivery Solutions navigate your South Pacific power boat adventure! Contact us to chart a seamless course for your vessel’s delivery.

Set sail on your South Pacific power boat excursion with peace of mind as Yacht Delivery Solutions takes the helm of your vessel’s voyage.

Our seasoned crew is equipped with the expertise and dedication needed to navigate the open waters, guaranteeing a flawless delivery experience from start to finish

gary delivery skipper with yacht delivery solutions


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