<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE Introduction &amp; Review</strong></h3>

Embarking on a yacht delivery from Hong Kong to Cairns is an adventure that combines the thrill of the open sea with the meticulous planning and preparation required for such a journey.

This blog post will take you through a recent delivery of a Selene 60 OE, executed by the experienced team at Yacht Delivery Solutions. This journey showcased the Selene’s capabilities that impressed the delivery skipper and crew.

With only the skipper and 1 crew on board for a passage such as this shows how easily a large trawler can be handled with a small crew. The Selene 60 Ocean Explorer (OE) is a top-tier long-range cruiser that combines luxury, efficiency, and seaworthiness In a sleek and contemporary design.

This vessel is the smallest in the Selene Expedition line, but it packs a punch with Its powerful raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge, and bulbous bow. The <span style=”color: #e74366;”>Selene 60 OE </span>is designed to compete directly with the finest European yards, but with all the advantages of GRP.

<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE At Sea</strong></h3>

<strong><span style=”color: #e74366;”>The Selene 60 OE </span> </strong>is a testament to the simple and proven concept of a fuel-efficient and seaworthy long-range yacht. Selene 60 OE delivered by yacht delivery solutionsIts powerful raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge, and bulbous bow are Selene family traits that contribute to its excellent sailing performance.

The addition of large side windows in the hull adds a contemporary twist enhancing visibility and creating a more immersive experience. Before setting sail, a thorough inspection of the yacht was conducted. This included checking the hull, engine, electronics, safety equipment, and provisions. Any necessary repairs were made, and the vessel was fully provisioned for the journey. The crew also studied the route, weather forecasts, and potential hazards.

The route from Hong Kong to Cairns is a challenging one, covering a distance of approximately 5,571 kilometers or 2600nm. The journey took us through the South China Sea, the Celebes Sea, the Molucca Sea, and finally into the Coral Sea to reach Cairns. Selene 60 OE LayoutThe winds in these seas can be
unpredictable, requiring careful navigation and constant vigilance.

Weather plays a crucial role in any yacht delivery. During our journey, we encountered a variety of weather conditions. From calm seas and clear skies to challenging winds and choppy waters, the crew had to adapt quickly to ensure a safe and timely delivery. Regular weather updates were obtained, and the route was adjusted as necessary to avoid any severe weather systems.

<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE Layout</strong></h3>

The Selene 60 OE features a brand new styling profile and a layout that contains three luxury staterooms and two or three heads. It also has comfortable crew quarters aft with a full head for a captain or steward, which can double as a fourth cabin.Selene 60 OE interior

There are three versions to choose from: “Full Wide Body”. “Port Side Wide Body”. and “Standard Two Side Decks”. Passage making was a great experience and the fully equipped galley meant we ate like kings!

<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE Engine and Tanks</strong></h3>

The engine and tanks of the Selene 60 OE are designed for simple and economical long-distance cruising. Selene 60 engineThe Selene 60 OE offers twin or single Cummins or John Deere engines for the propulsion system. It has a water capacity of 500 USG (1892 Liters), a fuel capacity of 1,800 USG (6813 Liters) for the twin engine layout, and 2.000 USG (7570 Liters) for the single engine layout. It also has a black water capacity of 150 USG (567 liters) and a gray water capacity of 120 USG (455 Liters).

<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE Accomodation</strong></h3>

The selene 60 OE is designed with luxury in mind.The interior design is contemprorary ,similar to the selene 92 and 722. The three luxury staterooms provide ample space for relaxation and privacy, while the comfortable crew quarters can also serve as a fourth cabin. Even the crew quarters were more than comfortable ensuring the skipper and crew could rest off watch.

<h3><strong>Selene 60 OE Construction</strong></h3>

The Selene 60 OE is constructed with the advantages of GRP, making it durable and lightweight. Selene 60 OE saloonThe raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge, and bulbous bow are all part of the Selene family traits, contributing to its robust and seaworthy construction2.

The Selene 60 is a marvel of nautical engineering. With a length overall of 65′.1″ 119.84m). a beam of 17,10″ (5.44m). and a draft of 5,8* 11.77m), its a sizable vessel.

The yacht has a fuel tank capacity of 2,000 USG (7,5701_1 and a fresh water tank capacity of 600 USG (2,271L), making it ideal for ION voyages. The Selene 601s known for its long range and low fuel burn, making it an exceptional live.aboard boat.

In Conclusion:

The Selene 60 OE stands out as a compelling choice for ocean explorers seeking a blend of comfort, efficiency, and long-range capability.For those considering a new Selene 60 OE, or any Riviera or Nordhavn model, Yacht Delivery Solutions are here to guide your vessel to its new home. yacht delivery solutions logoOur experienced skippers and crew possess the expertise to ensure a safe and efficient delivery, allowing you to focus on the excitement of embarking on your next adventure. Have a look at our very impressive delivery history.

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